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 Snake Bite Music Video!!

"I got a snake bite walking through a tall grass grove" - Genu Jay's first official music video. Collaborating with VCU student Tyler Scheerschmidt. A long time coming, the imagery is based around true experiences. The actors were great at filling their roles nd had a great time bringing the concept to life. The dark presence that follows the embodies various people during certain encounters of "trouble". Jumping up, biting the character during these encounters to try and teach him a lesson. Whether or not the character learns from these experiences will be shown in time..

Richmond Local Playlist

Based on the past 20 years that Genu Jay has been in Richmond and influenced by these various genres and artists. It is a celebration of local music and the RVA way of life. It's recommended to listen on shuffle to get the best mix variety!


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Late Nights & Early Mornings


Awareness: Love As Action Vol.1