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Irreverent Blues

I've been better off than I feel right now
I've felt too much
Drank too much
Tried to hide myself in a crowd
But it doesn't make me feel any better
When these dogs of war
Are trailing me without my consent
I bleed
Stand Out
Stand Up Come See Me and I'll Fill Your Cup
Would you believe there's a war on these streets?
That seems too far out of reach to do anything about
So we keep to our own as we groan
About the decisions made for us
Stand Out
Stand Up
Join Together to Disrupt
How I hate feeling like life is a cage
They say making money is the only escape
To me it just feels like giving in
To a broken system that feeds off its "friends"
Stand Out
Stand Up
No Longer Will I Be A Cup
To Fill and Spill
The Misled and Corrupt
They got us singing the 
Irreverent Blues Tonight


Come Be Apart of Me

How long have I spent trying to get your attention?
How long will it take you to notice me?
Will you come be apart of this?
Whatever it may be
Come be apart of me
Sometimes I wish I didn't feel so damned deeply
But it governs everything
From the sly to the confident
From the benign to the confidant
What choices will it bring?
Do you ever feel the pull of the stars?
And the tides?
Swept away beyond reason and time
Not knowing what or if it all means
Anything more..


Every Scar Tells A Story

Someone may break your heart once and it can stay that way forever (if you let it)
Or someone can come in and repair
What someone else had previously damaged
But to fill that empty space
With anything even for a moment
Feels euphoric
Physical touch means nothing
In this tenuous void, whirlpooling
This feeling sucks at us
Futher pulling us down
But sometimes it will pick up anew
Replacing that which once pained so much
Now comfort is found
By the touch of a stranger
That can seem more familiar
Than that of a significant other
For it is lonlier in conjunction
Than it is to find a space all your own
Unless actualized by the beginning
For every pain that we go through adds to our experience

And without these scars we might not have anything to remember us by...


Run of the Mill

How are we to understand
The reactions at hand
When one only gets in his own way?
The moment drifts aloft as if a fleeting memory...
I'm sorry
To inform you
If the conditions worsen
We may have to operate.
Potent reality
Too many options
Indecision anxiety in an isolated society...
Smother your love, cuz it's all you know to do.
Badly treat those closest to you, they offer no comfort anyway.
Then lie kicking and screaming when they won't take you back.
This is no way to live...
Of Failure.
Of being alone.
Scared of your opinion
And of mine.
So then how do we proceed?
From here, from there, to anywhere
London, Paris, Moscow, Prague?
I'll take my chances
And you, don't forget your coat.
It may rain...


Made to Break Down

We are all
We are all muggers
Cuz they don’t feed the need
To sustain all that I have love for
Mother Earth
They try to distract us with their toys
And ploys and poisons
All those fancy colors that invade the back of my mind
Which make me buy silly things
That are made to break down
Any way now
Made to Break Down
I’m so damn tired of this
Money system
I doesn’t work it only causes
A lot of stress yes
Baby how can I get the hell out of this mess?
If they fed our needs there would be no poverty
Instead we’re conditioned to work our lives for debts
And that’s my only regret
For allowing them to cage me up so long
But I’ve woken up
And my dream is but all gone
If they fed our needs there would be no poverty
Recess the oppressed
And there will still be no money
They try to make us believe
That we are only as advanced
As they allow us to be
We must overcome these
Conditions can’t you see
We must overcome these…
That we can still make a change


My Baby Blues

She said baby…
Would you write me a love song?
I said I…
Won’t hesitate
To put you down for ever
Through these words I procreate
But there’s just one thing
That you have to realize…

I wish I could have
But I’m way too far behind
How I wish I could have you
My Baby Blues

I hope you realize
I hope you realize
That I’ve got far too much
Pain on my mind
To let your heart
To let your heart get too
Close to mine
I’m really am sorry…

How I wish, I wish I could have
But I’m way too far behind
Oh how I wish
I wish I could have you
My, my baby blues…

My, my, my, my baby
My Baby Blues


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